Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring/Summer Style Upgrade

For the folks up north, days are becoming warmer and Spring is just around the corner.
Here in the tropics the upcoming April means bracing ourselves for the 35+ degrees Celsius weather as flowers go into full bloom.
So how do we stay stylish under the unbearable heat?
Well, it's about time to have a wardrobe update.

1. Colorize your wardrobe


2. Wear shorts

A lot of men are not into the idea of wearing shorts. Though a flat front cotton shorts that end above the knee can make any wearer look decently cool.

3. Lighter fabrics

This man manage to pull of a suit during a hot summer day because of lighter fabrics. Check out shirts and coats in cotton, linen, seersucker and tropical wool.


4. Wear Sunglasses

The Classic Rayban Aviators never goes out of style.

5. Solid colored t-shirts
As I posted before stay away from t-shirts with logos and graphic designs (especially skulls and fleur-de-lis). Opt to wear simple solid colored t-shirts.

6. Get a swimsuit that ends almost halfway up your thigh

photo taken from GQ

7. Canvas Sneakers

Not only do they make your feet cool, they also have that laid back and stylish appeal.

8. Replace old underwear

Even I admit wearing underwear with a hole, so chances are you are still wearing your 5 year old underwear.

9. Wear cloth and woven belts

They look great with sneakers during the weekends.

from Banana Republic

10. Go sockless

As they say when you don't wear socks "Good news for your feet, bad news for your shoes."


  1. I need to start working on my wardrobe so these are great tips for spring! Thanks :D

  2. 35°C is a deal-breaker for me. I couldn't live under such conditions.

  3. i really need to get myself a good pair of sunglasses

  4. lol wow when i checked your site i was sure i was at the sartorialist. you kinda covered his layout huh? looks good though

  5. Yes we roughly have the same "Minima" layout.
    It's great for style blogs because it highlights the pictures. Other than that, I also don't want to bother changing the layout since this is the most basic layout. :D

  6. hey thanks for the tips :] have a great day

  7. Awesome pictures man! Keep up the great blogging!

  8. thank you for dropping by my blog :) you have a great one here as well!

  9. I mostly like your advice, but dislike sunglasses. Altogether. Whenever I see someone wearing them, I see someone desperetaly trying to be stylish. Don't you have similar thoughts sometimes?

  10. I need to take some of this advice. I dress very much the way everyone else seems to. Blending in is alright sometimes, but some flair would kick ass. I hope you keep schooling us!

  11. good stylish tips bro - cheers

  12. wicked tips, haha and sweet blog, following!

  13. Sockless huh, dont know about that, but its good to know all of these options

  14. short + machinegun = classy!! lol.

  15. Sockless? That would be super uncomfortable