Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ask the Rebellious Gentleman - Wedding

Q: Could you write some tips for wedding? I'm getting married on May and I need some dressing tips! I'm male, btw :P

A: First and foremost, congrats on getting married. While most rebellious gentlemen prefer to be single their entire lives, being married and keeping a single life still tops it. Well joking aside and moving on, I would like to stress that you are not going to a prom. So don't color coordinate your tuxedo or suit with your bride to be. Doing so will likely increase the chances of her filing a divorce.


Without going a bit further on the subject, what kind of wedding are you planning? Where are you getting married? Church? Beach? Backyard? What is the dress code?
For a casual wedding, you can never go wrong with a classic and well fitted charcoal suit. Stick with one color silver and black ties.

from Indochino

If it's a black tie occasion, go with a simple classic tuxedo with a bit of modern touch. A black single breasted jacket paired with a turn-down collar shirt and a vest or a cummerbund to cover your waist. A bow tie is a must so learn how to tie it if you don't know how.

photo from Melody Farrin Photography

As always, fit is important so no loose or tight fit.


  1. Nice tips, and nice pictures too

  2. Don't know - buy new Apple or new jacket?

  3. i perfer ties over bowties and agree with not color coordinating

  4. I would choose the second one, it gives you a slight touch of cooleness and style, but isnt too impressing!

  5. Something to keep in mind for the future.

  6. I got engaged last year, this just fired up that excitement of getting married soon. And by soon I mean in 2 years lol.

    Also great blog!
    You have my support n__n

  7. Thanks for this great post and answering my question :) you're the best!

  8. I wanna see how you look on a typical day compared to a dressed up day ;3

    Mr gentleman.

  9. second one looks the best. i dont plan on getting married for like 10 years though

  10. Digging the pink tie. I'd probably go with a darker color though.