Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How to pull off Vests guide

TRG would have to be honest here; he personally hasn’t worn a vest and still prefers to call them waistcoats. But he knows how to wear it if he decided to pick one up in the future.

1. As part of a suit

• The three piece suit

2. With a long sleeve shirt

• You can throw away the suit jacket but keep the tie on. A good substitute if you feel warm with a coat.

• If you are going for the casual look you can lose the tie. This goes best with casual shoes and jeans. Lapels add a bit of formality on the usual waistcoat.

• Make sure it fits snugly, no loose waistcoats

3. With a t-shirt
This look is not for everyone but some guys do pull it off. Some basic pointers:
• A bit harder to pull off so no graphic tees
• Wear it unbuttoned
• Keep it simple

Right on

Doing it wrong:

Saturday, November 14, 2009

TRG endorses Bluetooth Douchebag

Tired of seeing conio guys wearing Bluetooth headsets outside their home and cars? The Rebellious Gentleman supports

Friday, November 6, 2009

Double Denim

I recently recommended a denim jacket here and some might wonder why. Well denim jackets are indeed classic jackets and as long as you keep it nicely fitted, dark, and simple, it will last for years. Rebellious, in an understated way.

Just don’t wear jeans with it. Even if your jeans are black or dark blue without any distress and wash. The only exceptions are cowboys and people going to an 80’s themed costume party.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Affliction Clothing

Question: What does TRG think of Affliction T-shirts?

Answer: The same with Ed Hardy t-shirts.
Affliction t-shirts are becoming the latest disease affecting every street, club and bar in Metro Manila. For the rebellious gentlemen: Avoid them at all costs.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Upturned collars

Everyone knows that the popped collar look is officially dead, not to mention it isn’t even cool to begin with, but there are still douchebags who think they can pull it off. Trust me, this is never rebellious in any way and only brings you in the level of total conioness.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall/Holiday 2009 Jacket Buying Guide

As the holidays start approaching so is the lower temperatures. TRG recommends adding a bit of in your outfit rebelliousness and by putting on a well fitted jacket.

1. Invest more money for your outerwear. It will save you extra money in the future if you pay for quality. Check for good craftsmanship in the buttons and zippers. Also be sure to inspect the lining and the stitching.

2. The outerwear is the first thing that people see. Make sure it fits you well. Have it tailored if needed. Avoid wearing baggy or tightly fitted jackets. To avoid buying a tight jacket it is best to try them on with the clothing that you intend to wear underneath it.

3. This season’s jacket trend is all about utility jackets or military style jackets. I say go for it. However, stick to simple styles and as I said above, be cautious regarding the fit. Most of these jackets are usually a bit bigger.

4. If you are looking to spend less, it is better if you shop for a jacket around February/March when most stores are clearing away their Fall/Winter collection. If you get a classic jacket, chances are that you will still be able to wear it for years to come.

A classic undistressed denim jacket

5. Wool, leather and denim jackets are warmer than cotton and linen jackets. For the cooler days, grays, browns, chocolate, blacks, and tans are more appropriate. White and other light colors are perfect for layering during Spring and Pre-Summer weather.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Wearing sunglasses inside

We all know that it will probably be a time before we can wear our sunglasses outside the streets of Manila, due to the recent typhoon activities, but that doesn’t mean you can wear them inside.

Remove your sunglasses before you step inside unless you want to be treated as blind (in which case you shouldn't be able to read this) or a conio who always thinks he looks cool and important.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

GQ and Details’ down vest with a suit

We all thought we saw the end of the “down vest with a suit” look from last year’s GQ Rules (How to Become a Well Dressed Rebel in 30 days) together with it’s annoying intro music, but recently, Details magazine put it again on the #1 list of the 10 Ways to Modernize Your Wardrobe.

In addition, Details included a horrible tonal blazer, shirt and tie combination.

Rebellious Gentleman's Ten Basic Fashion Rules

1. Everything should fit

This might be the most important thing in this list and cannot be stressed highly enough. Everything you should buy or even consider in buying must first fit you properly. It is more probable that what you are wearing now is about a size too large. This is understandable before when we were kids, since our parents usually buy us clothes two sizes bigger than our size so that we may not easily outgrow them. If you will believe that you will not gain a considerable amount of weight anytime soon, it is best to buy clothes that fit you well.

I am not endorsing that we should all wear skinny jeans. You should only wear skinny jeans if you are indeed skinny. Your clothes should only be hugging your body. The goal here is and not tight.

Bad fit vs. Good fit

2. Your shoes and belt should match

Most of you probably know this but it is still worth noting. Never wear your black belt with your brown shoes and vice versa. Also, avoid wearing your dress belts with your sneakers and tennis shoes and your casual belts with your dress shoes.

3. The color of the pants and socks should match

Though there are exceptions to this rule, the most basic thing about this rule is that you shouldn’t wear white socks especially when wearing black or charcoal gray dress pants.

4. Dress for the occasion

A simple rule that is often misinterpreted. I will just point out the essentials of this rule. Esquire’s Law in casual style indicated that the 50’s and 60’s were the high periods of casual fashion. With today’s current trend of “casual or dress-down Friday”, people are now throwing away their suits and wearing the t-shirt and jeans in the work setting. If you are a mechanic, plumber or have a dirty job, then your job requires you to wear jeans. If not, stick to your usual business outfit or go a step further and make your Friday's Fashionable.

5. Do not wear company t-shirts

If you are getting a good amount of money for wearing them then it is totally fine if not, then consider donating them to the nearest homeless shelter. You should do the same with shirts with sports logos and t-shirts with stupid and ironic messages.

Your t-shirt is not a billboard

6. Stick to classics, Less is More

The general rule is that you should wear striking pieces minimally. The rest of the pieces of clothing you are wearing should only be supporting the striking piece. It shouldn’t grab or battle for the attention of your most striking showpiece. For instance, a detailed leather jacket works best with plain dark jeans and a simple white shirt.

Too much showpiece and his total outfit clearly lacks coordination

7. Undershirts

You can ignore this rule and don’t wear undershirts but if you sweat a lot and want your shirts to last longer then you should wear an undershirt. Crew neck undershirts are still the safest choice to wear, though V-neck undershirts are much applicable if you decide to not wear a tie. If you decide to wear a sheer dress shirt (or see through shirts), don’t wear an undershirt unless you want it showing underneath your shirt.

8. Your shoes can ruin your entire outfit

The Ladies do notice our shoes. Don’t wear crocs. Flip flops can only be worn if you intend to go to the beach. Stop wearing tennis and basketball shoes when you go to the mall, park or at any casual event. Classic sneakers like Converse’s Jack Purcells, Adidas’s Stan Smiths and Sambas are a good start.

For dress leather shoes, look for the traditional round toe as compared to the modern square toe. Lace ups and monk straps look more formal than penny loafers. Never doubt the presence of a newly polished dress shoe.

9. Wearing designer labels

Being fashionable isn’t about wearing the current trend from the hottest designer. Don’t buy clothes just because of its brand name. Not all designer labels produce better merchandise from the average priced retailers. Always check for fit, quality, detail and price before buying. It is always a good idea to buy different items from different labels. Stylish gentlemen usually go to clothing stores but rarely buy. They are known to wait for discounts, sales and even shopping at thrift stores. Fashion can be cheap.

10. Stop being a fashion victim. Wear what you like and what looks good on you

We are all for personal style and sometimes it is a good start to copy someone else style. However, like training wheels we should remove them once we already know hot to balance. Don’t become the bro who wears what your friends wear. Have your own personal style and experiment.

Do not become a part of a scene, be the scene