Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall/Holiday 2009 Jacket Buying Guide

As the holidays start approaching so is the lower temperatures. TRG recommends adding a bit of in your outfit rebelliousness and by putting on a well fitted jacket.

1. Invest more money for your outerwear. It will save you extra money in the future if you pay for quality. Check for good craftsmanship in the buttons and zippers. Also be sure to inspect the lining and the stitching.

2. The outerwear is the first thing that people see. Make sure it fits you well. Have it tailored if needed. Avoid wearing baggy or tightly fitted jackets. To avoid buying a tight jacket it is best to try them on with the clothing that you intend to wear underneath it.

3. This season’s jacket trend is all about utility jackets or military style jackets. I say go for it. However, stick to simple styles and as I said above, be cautious regarding the fit. Most of these jackets are usually a bit bigger.

4. If you are looking to spend less, it is better if you shop for a jacket around February/March when most stores are clearing away their Fall/Winter collection. If you get a classic jacket, chances are that you will still be able to wear it for years to come.

A classic undistressed denim jacket

5. Wool, leather and denim jackets are warmer than cotton and linen jackets. For the cooler days, grays, browns, chocolate, blacks, and tans are more appropriate. White and other light colors are perfect for layering during Spring and Pre-Summer weather.

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