Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How to pull off Vests guide

TRG would have to be honest here; he personally hasn’t worn a vest and still prefers to call them waistcoats. But he knows how to wear it if he decided to pick one up in the future.

1. As part of a suit

• The three piece suit

2. With a long sleeve shirt

• You can throw away the suit jacket but keep the tie on. A good substitute if you feel warm with a coat.

• If you are going for the casual look you can lose the tie. This goes best with casual shoes and jeans. Lapels add a bit of formality on the usual waistcoat.

• Make sure it fits snugly, no loose waistcoats

3. With a t-shirt
This look is not for everyone but some guys do pull it off. Some basic pointers:
• A bit harder to pull off so no graphic tees
• Wear it unbuttoned
• Keep it simple

Right on

Doing it wrong:


  1. I love vests, thanks for the tips! You should do a lot more on formal wear. I'm following your blog to see what other great tips you have!

  2. Sure bro.
    Formal wear style is one of my specialty. I'd do a basic guide for it soon.
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  3. Not going to lie, Vests are disgusting. Nice post however!