Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Rebellious Gentleman Recommends: Swims Overshoes

Rain has been pouring down here in Manila for the past three days. While I wait for the day that I can safely wear my sunglasses, I can't help but feel envious to those of you who have Swims Overshoes. So forget about wearing boots or flip flops and stylishly rock those oxfords in the rain.


  1. I dont know if I would wear those but they sure do look comfortable...

  2. They look alright but i'm a fan of steel-toed shoes.
    Interesting blog, the girlfriend wants to me dress more refined, as do I, but i'm having trouble getting it right and affording to do it. I got so many strange stares the other day and that makes me uncomfortable no matter what I wear...Anyways i'm going to take my time to read through your archived posts.

  3. i'd wear those. i don't care what they look like as long as they keep my feet dry! anyways, good blog. +follow

  4. This looks like ballerina shoes. :D

    Lovely blog; following and supporting, mate! :)

  5. Sweet.
    Nice blog, like the all the clothing, too bad I'm too poor for this kind of fashion :(