Friday, February 18, 2011

The Four in Hand Tie Knot

I've recently went to Makati Business District. For those not familiar with Makati, Philippines, Makati Business District is the heart of the economic and financial trade not only in Metro Manila but in the entire Philippines itself.

As I walk along the clean and nicely paved sidewalks, I took some time looking at the facade of our hardworking white collar employees. What got my attention aside from the usual ill-fitting baggy shirts were the way they tie their ties.

I recommend staying away from the windsors and half-windsors as only a few could pull them off. In this time of slim lapels and non-spread collars, the Four in Hand Knot is the only knot you need to know.

Also, don't forget the dimple.


  1. I love a man in suit, that tie knot looks very smart.

  2. Thankz.
    I always have to ask somebody to do!

  3. I've always had probelms tying ties, good instructional for a classy look.